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Jakson Hak'kik Empty Jakson Hak'kik

Post by Perfect Chrome Soul on Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:29 am

Jakson Hak'kik CharApp_zpsee821064

Character Appearance:
Brown, Flat Hair, Neck Length, Pony-Tailed
Hazel Irises
Lightly-Built Body Structure
X No Sword
Black Sleeveless
White Vest (Blue Trim)
Black Pants (Blue Belt)
Upper-Arm-Length Glove on Right Arm
White Cloth Guard (Blue Trim, held on by a Brown Large Studded Leather Bracelet) Right Arm
Small Black Glove on Left Hand
Brown Large Studded Leather Bracelets on Both Arms
Left Arm wears nothing but his metal Infinite, His Small Black Glove and one Studded Leather Bracelet.
Jakson Hak'kik 210915m

Name: Jakson Gerik Hak'kik
Nick Name: Jack
Shinigami Type: Weapon (Becomes a pair of metal claws and feet (They each have two claws on every hand/foot, and fit to the Meister's feet and hands perfectly.) for Foot attacks and "Unarmed" fighting (Bare fist or claw/knuckle weapon combat). Resonance transforms the hand-claws into bigger, sharper, more flexable ones, with claws that number equal to the amount of fingers on each hand.  The foot-claws now arch into sharper talons, and an extra-long claw on the heel, like a bird's talons. This heel talon can move back and forth to grab/puncture things by just the will of the Meister alone.)/b] 
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Age: 17
Birthday: July 20th
Special Characteristics: Small silver ball always in pocket, Chrome-silver-colored Infinite/Number 8 on lower-left arm (it's seriously made of steel.)(
Jakson never had much of a childhood. He was orphaned at the age of 3 due to a big apartment fire that took over half the residences of the building. For the next 8 years, he was usually alone in a corner of the Orphanage, never eating very much and never played. During his 6th year, he got angry at another orphan who took something of his and pushed him around physicly. This anger caused his first transformation, which turned his hands and feet into metal foot claws for kick-boxing with the toes and hand claws for unarmed/fist-fighting. The child he hurt sustained several wounds, cuts, and bruises, about two weeks had healed him quickly. For two years Jakson spent more time alone than ever, not even the adults had wanted to talk to him for fear of his born skill to be a Weapon and his anger which became rumored. On the night of his last day at the home where he could never be adopted, he packed a few cans and candies, and sank into the night running, feeling this is not the place to be at this period of time. Now is the time to hunt for the Meister Academy he overheard the adults mutter to each other about.

Six years have passed since that night, now a drifter who knew any street or open/forest Terrain he came across despite being brand new to it. Jack has been hardened by the loneliness and travel into two forests and dozens of towns, each one different in look, people, on reaction to his fighting skill and "Transformation".

One of the towns he came across had offered him a small metal disc with an infinite on it. He refused it like the rest of the things venders everywhere offer him, but unlike the rest, this man who was selling it had threw it at him! In an attempt to block himself with his forearms, the disc suddenly straps its self on like magic and begins turning liquidy. In a panic, Jack trys destroying the strap to no effect. Now it had formed another Infinite symbol like its solid engraving and it's chilled touch latched to him strong. It sunk into his body, fusing man to metal. He asked what the vender had done to him, he calmly replied, "Protected you."
Jack looked down because he couldnt understand this, but the moment he looked at him to speak, he disappeared. He ran from the town, unable to reverse or pry off this curse-ed metal object.

A year later, he is now outside Death City, and takes a breath and stretches his arms a bit.

"So I've finally made it to where I can find out what I really am..."

Last edited by Perfect Chrome Soul on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:50 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Character Look has Changed.)
Perfect Chrome Soul
Perfect Chrome Soul

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Jakson Hak'kik Empty Re: Jakson Hak'kik

Post by Carla on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:50 pm

Please include what weapon you turn into in the appearance section.

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Jakson Hak'kik Empty Re: Jakson Hak'kik

Post by Carla on Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:12 pm

Jakson Hak'kik Pedo_bear_seal_of_approval

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Jakson Hak'kik Empty Re: Jakson Hak'kik

Post by Sponsored content

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