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Post by Whitefatalis7 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:30 pm

Suitcase over his shoulder, he climbed the stairs, the last set. A little out of breath from it all, but it was worth it. Apparently no one wanted rooms on the top floor because of the stairs and a lack of an elevator so that made it perfect for White, since it meant he wouldn't take up the room people actually wanted. 

Opening his door, he inside and placed his suitcase down before admiring the room

It wasn't big, about the size of his room growing up. Bed for sleeping, desk for working, wardrobe for...Clothing? 

He felt himself become a little bashful at the thought of someone giving him the right to stay here. Still, once he could afford to get his own place, he would and it would hopefully free up more space. What if someone wanted a room with a view?

Speaking of, the view was pretty good. No buildings blocking it, it gave him a clear vista of Death City and how striking it was...He carved that image into his memory before beginning to unpack. His clothing wasn't much, stuff he had bought from the bargain bin at a general shop. Some trousers, some shirts... He hung up his white coat and undid his bandanna, his eyepatch following suit as he went to the small bathroom to clean the empty eye socket. Not pretty and it hurt but it was better than being dirty. Once it was clean, he put the patch back on and sat down to do some studying; the construction site had called him to let him know that no one was working today because of some paperwork trouble from the higher ups. 

"The Partnership of Meister and Weapon", his books title. Turning the page, his eyes began to digest the knowledge within, trying to find some answers as to why he was able to wield "anyone". That couldn't have been right, it made him sound almost special but he wasn't anything like that...

In the end, nothing came up so he put the book in his desk and stood...Sitting around in his room for too long didn't suit his style, so he pulled his bandanna and coat on before heading out to find something he could invest his time in. The city was a big place, there was bound to be someone he could help.

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