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Welcoming Announcement!!

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Welcoming Announcement!! Empty Welcoming Announcement!!

Post by Perfect Chrome Soul on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:27 pm

*Crackle* *Crackle* *Tap Tap* #Zz Eh-hem. Testing, tesing, 1-2-3. Is this thing on? It is? Oh, well, uhh... zZ Everyone looks towards the Announcement Intercoms in the halls and classrooms as the sound of shuffling papers goes on for a few seconds. #Zz Sorry, we had some non-technological Difficulties on a schedule. Now, To the announcements:
     Welcome, to the DWMA, the famous Death Weapon Meister Academy, all of you who have returned, and all of you who have never been to our grand school. Here, everyone gets partnered up as Meister and Weapon to fight the evils of the world as they appear. Dive into the books and what your instructors tell you if you wish to do so, because an unwise student doesn't last very long in a fight.
     There has also been a burst of activity in recent years of stronger Kishin attacks, and you would want to take my advice. The Missions Board could use all the help it can get. Oh, and there is pizza during the lunch period. That is all for now.
     I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and studies, as well as your efforts to help the world and rid of the Kishin Egg Souls infecting many people. Off to the next period now with everyone. zZ#
*Crackle* *Crackle* The Intercom cuts off and the school begins chattering and moving again.
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