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During-Mission Rules

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During-Mission Rules Empty During-Mission Rules

Post by Perfect Chrome Soul on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:29 pm

1.No Swearing
2 No pornographic materials
3.No Godmodding anythig but your character (Except for me or whom ever I grant the "Power of the Missonaire"). I/The Missonaire cannot control you.
4.To complete the Mission, acquire COMPLETION! of All or Most of the listed Goals in first post and leaving the Area safely. I will say if you get ambushed on your leave or not.
5.You fail upon no possible completion or DEATH
6.Dont forget to grab Kishin Egg Souls (KES) as they can be left behind
7.You cannot hurt friendly NPCs, such as villagers, unless there's a good reason to
8.You can stray away from the group, but that may lead to ambushes, getting lost until further notice, or even DEATH. Going missing during a mission and appearing again soon after it is done, may lead you to an instant fail on the mission for you alone with no reward and half your collected/share of KES taken.(Unless you get hit really hard or launched around the end of the mission.)

9. Give 'em hell.

[20:51:59] @ Carla: Welcome!
[20:55:13] Perfect Chrome Soul: Hey there
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