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Child of Blair

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Child of Blair Empty Child of Blair

Post by Perfect Chrome Soul on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:03 am

This character was something i made back in Gaia, but now evolved with a Soul Eater X history. This is not going to be an offical character.

Child of Blair CharApp_zpsee821064

Character Appearance:

Rebuilt the original a bit differently on Tektek

Child of Blair Qerq


Child of Blair Tdt9

Name: Edmund (Unknown middle and last names as Blair was just a cat, so he had nothing but a first name.)
Nick Name: The Pumpkin Witch/Boy
Shinigami Type: Unoffical Witch
Height: 5"ft 8'in
Weight: 102 lbs.
Age: 17
Birthday: October 30th
Special Characteristics: Child of the Cat Witch (Agile, can use Pumpkin magic more powerfully that his mother due to personality, 9 lives/souls, Clothing is rebuilt by dying and living again with a life/soul, so the Original cloth still exists for almost the entire outfit no matter how environmentally annihilated it is. ), Jack-O-Lantern face (Head looks hollow and glowing with the cut-out J-o-L face), lumps on the underside of his lower arms (Can use vines from these lumps and attach to his weapon), Dislikes his regular face and head because he has orange cat ears. -n-
The only child of the (Unoffical) Cat Witch, given birth to in her human form. Never really knew his father and his memories of him seemed to blur as if magically Photoshop'ed. He has met the entire team of Soul Eaters (Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Liz & Patty, Kid,...) but the first impression on them that day drove him to disliked his cat features when he was in public. He used his passed-down magic to create the freaky illusion of his infamous Jack-O-Face almost a week after. He has never gone out in public without his face since then. With this freaky look, he finally began learning his mother's magic, known with the words "Pum-Pum-Pumpkin/Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin" at the age of Twelve. When he surpassed Blair in combat for the fist time in two years, she had given him his "Witch Costume". Most of it was bought, but he didn't care. He liked the gift and the infamousness of his image of the Pumpkin. Over the years, Blair had tried several times to get him to open his face up to somebody at least, other than her. So one night, at the end of his 15th birthday, she had surprised him in his room with a girl. After that night, she was never forgiven for "nearly ruining his reputation". She had accidentally discovered that night he was not as ladies man or flirt like his mom. He left home at 16, living in a small apartment alone, trying to start his own life and create his path in life. His life has been attempted twice, both times he has defeated or stalemated with the attackers.

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